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Bound for Barcelona Breaking Free, The Journey

Spanning continents, set between San Francisco and Barcelona, one woman’s bold quest for love, passion, adventure and a new life leads her on an unexpected journey of the heart that forever changes her destiny. This inspiring second coming of age story crosses the boundaries of genre, blending themes of Eat, Pray Love; Fifty Shades of Grey; and Sex and the City. Release date December 1, 2019

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How do you know when it’s time to take a leap of faith?

Elena Vidal needs an escape from everything that is going wrong in her life. With a tyrannical boss threatening her career and midlife dating threatening her sanity, she desperately searches for an answer. Elena dreams of more – a new life, a second chance to find happiness – but how?

The dream is ignited when an incredible twist of fate puts her squarely in the path of Ethan Pierce. A gorgeous, sophisticated, exquisitely masculine, younger man who brings her to the brink, showing her a world filled with new possibilities.

When Elena realizes what’s at stake, she alone must make the decisions that will define the course of her life. A new journey has begun and nothing will ever be the same.

This emotional story, based on the author’s memoir, captivates with its bold and passionate sensuality. Bound for Barcelona will touch your heart and inspire you to dream. “Breaking Free – The Journey” is crafted as Part One in a series.

Words of Praise

Bound for Barcelona is a thrilling read looking into the struggle of dating at ‘a certain age,’ staking claim to women’s sexuality, and finding one’s self again once the nest is empty. Steele’s beautifully crafted story takes the reader on a captivating and arousing ride, each page brimming with visceral imagery and deep, layered emotions. The steamy sex scenes leave heat coming off the page, but it’s so much more than just sex. The passion is electric, and the love complex. This story is a journey. We follow the lovely Elena through trials of the heart and career upheavals. But what we find in the end is that she stands as an inspiring example of just what a strong woman can do when she believes in herself and sets her sights beyond the expected norms and chooses to begin again. I loved this book from beginning to end, I can’t recommend it highly enough. ~ International award winning author, Marni MacRae

*Be prepared to be swept into a passionate love affair, with lush scenery and raw emotion. Readers will relate to Elena’s vulnerability, and be inspired to take their own leap of faith ~Lifestyle of a Blessed Bookworm

Ebook Pubdate December 1, 2019
Paperback November 20, 2019

About the Author

Born and raised in California, Marcella Steele left behind a long-term career as a licensed psychotherapist to follow her dreams. Her journey inspired her to write, and thus she began a new profession as an author. While based in Barcelona, she is frequently traveling the world to find new and exotic places from which to write her next novel.

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